Juli 01, 2012

Coney Island Queen

Today we discovered the reason why New York's elite isn't in the city the whole summer. It's so damn hot that you literally can't breath between all the skyscraper. They are going to the Hamptons as you all probably know from Serena Van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. We went to Coney Island today. Even if the beach was ugly, the place was very beautiful with all the Vintage rides at Luna Park. Here we are "Eating soft ice cream, Coney Island Queen" -Lana Del Rey 


  1. Cute outfit!
    Looks like you're surviving the east coast heat wave quite well. x


  2. wow, in love with these snapshoots. you look adorable wearing your hair like that, so girly.

  3. Lovely post, this reminds me of the one I made about Tivoli in Copenhagen, check it out here http://dragonflyelisabeth.blogspot.fi/2012/06/life-is-like-roller-coaster-it-has-its.html.

    E from Helsinki

  4. Im Herbst war es in Coney Island einfach menschenleer, wie ein verlorenes Badeparadies der 20er! Du musst unbedingt mal meine Fotos anschauen, der totale Kontrast zu deinen Bildern. Hier: http://it-girl-mademoisellecreative.blogspot.de/2011/11/coney-island.html

  5. Das zweite Bild von dir ist wunderbar - da passt einfach alles :-)

  6. diese brille und die rayban, die du im folgenden post trägst, stehen dir einfach nicht. sorry

  7. dry aber du bist echt hässlich