Juli 21, 2013


Even tho fashion is my main passion and obsession, I've always been fascinated by make-up products. For a long time
 I've been buying a lot of drug store cosmetics thinking that it didn't make a difference with luxury product. Now that I tried
 a lot of products, I know that it makes a difference. Whether it's playing with a smokey eye, a bright pink lip or a bold brown, 
I feel like make up brings so much personality to a look. I must admit that in terms of make up I am not a genius but I try to perfect it every day. It starts with my skin care routine which is the Clinique three step which includes a face washer,
 a face water and a creme. After that I put on Clinique BB creme as foundation. To cover dark circles around my eye I use Yves Saint Laurent Touche  Éclat concealer. As I have a round shape type of face, I really like to use Chanel Soleil tan de Chanel under my cheekbones in order to create that great shade. That bronzer is amazing because it's more a chocolate/taupe shade instead of an orange shade like most of the bronzers and it also works on pale skin. You may know that I'm the biggest brown fetishist and I'm very lucky that I have a good shape of eyebrows so I just have to pluck them regularly and  redraw them with my Essence eyebrows kit (not in the picture). After that I put on my Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet faux cils mascara and a red or nude lipstick by MAC and I'm done.


  1. So viele Fehler in diesem Text!

  2. dein englisch ist zum weglaufen! wer kein englisch kann, sollte deutsch schreiben. oder wenigsten jemanden korrektur lesen lassen ...

    1. was laberst du für einen Stuss da sind überhaupt keine fehler?? stfu + bye xoxox

    2. Da sind tatsächlich einige Fehler drin.
      Ausserdem nicht gerade die feine Art, wie Du hier mit (zugegebenermassen nicht sehr konstruktiver) Kritik umgehst. Denn im Endeffekt ist die Kritik nicht völlig aus der Luft gegriffen, sondern durchaus berechtigt.