August 15, 2013


GAGA STRIKES BACK. When Inez & Vinoodh, Gaga and V Magazine get together is like a dream coming true to me. Gaga got styled by her stylist, the amazing Brandon Maxwell, for the shoot. V Magazine 85 will be available with 4 different Covers which reflect on the evolution of her self: "The New Artist" and "Phase One" are Versions 1 & 2 respectively, on Cover 3 she channels "Donatella," and Cover represents the new era "Artpop". On the first cover she's wearing Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, the second is Armani, in number three Gaga is pulling off a Versace and last but not least she's wearing Balenciaga - everything is custom made for sure! Her single "Applause" is out now on iTunes and ARTPOP will be out on November 11th (pre-order now) and her music video for "Applause" will premiere next monday on GMA. 


  1. I absolutely adore that you can tell that she puts everything she has into everything she does. It's so refreshing.The cover of last year's September issue of US Vogue is still one of my favourites.

    I've never bought V magazine before, but this could be a game changer, for sure. I love the Balenciaga cover, I'm not sure I could resist.

    Emily Blogs A Lot


  2. Sehr gelungene Fotos ! Ich habe mich in das erste Cover auf anhieb verliebt als ich es gesehen habe. Jedoch finde ich die anderen Fotos auch einfach . WOW !!! wirklich sehr gelungen alles !!

  3. die kann auch nur nackt sein...aber scheinbar kann man so leute überzeugen, kreativ zu sein, wobei man nur fades 0815-pop-geträller fabriziert. tja, bist ja noch jung und Dein musikgeschmack kann noch reifen.