August 29, 2013


Versace boots, Saint Laurent skirt, Balmain earrings, Celine sunnies and a bra from a 1$ store

I just arrived in London and I'm happier than ever to be back in the UK. I got invited to see Gaga at the iTunes festival this sunday and i'm so grateful that I have the chance to see her at this concert which is only for 3500 people (you can watch it live via iTunes tho!). She's going to perform 6 new songs from her album ARTPOP which will be available on November 11th. Thank you again Polydore Records for this amazing experience. Talk to you later xx


  1. Ich liebe diese Sachen, schwarz, Spitze, so edel und rockig zugleich!

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  2. You are so lucky! I left London a few weeks ago and I missed the London festival :( Love the bra (how is it possible to find one for only 1$ ?)

    Sandrine xx

  3. Love Lady Gaga! Have fun. The outfit looks perfect for the party!

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  4. Have fun at the show. Love everything especially the $1 store bra. Hahaha.