Oktober 16, 2013


A few weeks ago, Lady Gaga announced some things about her new album, ARTPOP - things such as it's release date 
(11 November), the fact that it would be an album and an app and that her 2nd single "VENUS" will come out on 25 October.  I've been a Gaga fan since Bad Romance and I've met her a couple of times through all the years and trust me she's more than just the pop star with all the crazy outfits and wigs. Maybe because I believe in my dreams or just because this was meant to happen, Gaga choose me to join her on stage for her piano performance of "Princess Die" at the Born This Way Ball last year. This August, Gaga's first single from ARTPOP, "Applause", came out with an amazing music video shot by 
Inez & Vinoodh. For the the album cover she commissioned Jeff Koons to design a sculpture. Behind the sculpture and a
 blue ball between her legs are pieces of Botticelli's painting "The Birth of Venus" and Bernini's "Apollo and Daphne". 
I went to London for the iTunes festival last month and Gaga told us, when she was making ARTPOP she was thinking about what she truly wanted and what was the intention of the album. She wanted to make music that set herself free of this box 
they put her in in pop music. And that she made some music thats a little bit different from what she has made before
 because she's a fan of all different kinds of music. It's like ARTPOP gave her the final freedom to put out music that she loves without being scared, the freedom of being herself. Just like she said '' i had to climb trough a lot of swine '', 
she finally reached the point of some kind of completeness that allows her to be fearless and brave when 
it comes to creating something that's so big like ARTPOP. 

When ART and POP meet in a place created by someone who's all about love, music and hard work, it's that deep feeling of inspiration and completeness that you just can't ignore - you need to explore it. When a culture grows, when a melody starts, when you see colors as you close your eyes and feel yourself becoming stronger and happier - that's when the music happens, that's when gaga's music happens. I expect from ARTPOP to push the pop music to new limits, I think it will be like something people have never heard in music, mixture of allot of music elements in to one, and with that new mixture we will get ARTPOP. I expect a layer of fun with a world of emotions behind.

ARTPOP comes out on November 11 (in Germany November 8) and she's coming to Berlin for an exclusive Album listening Party with Ampya (this competition is only open for Germany). Wenn ihr eine Frage an Gaga habt könnt ihr sie hier bis morgen um 23:59 stellen, die 50 besten Fragen bekommen eine Einladung für 2 Personen zur Party!


  1. What's your favourite outfit from applause music video, and why?


  2. Love Gaga, she is such an icon! Oh and I remember when at the btwball that people were going on the scene with her, it must've been magical!

    Sandrine xx

  3. Mich würde interessieren, ob sie sich als Privatperson oder als Lady Gaga vollkommener fühlt. Oder ob es die Mischung aus beidem ist.

    Tolles Video übrigens, wo du mit auf der Bühne stehst :)


  5. die blonden locken stehen ihr einfach super ! das video ist top ! :-)

  6. riecht sie genauso geil wie sie aussieht und wirkt? xx little monster since gaga just danced

  7. omg das ist ja schon krass und für dich bestimmt ein wichtiger moment. aber irgendwie auch ziemlich peinlich. du bist übergriffig, die ganze situation ist grenzüberschreitend. und du siehst aus wie eine emotional abhängige heroin braut. congrats.