Februar 23, 2013


VERSACE FALL 2013. “Punk was the last movement that really combined music, style, and attitude, and I wanted to translate that for today. It’s elegant and glamorous, but it’s not perfect, because, you know, women can't always be perfect.” - DV.
 Thank you for killing it again, Donatella. Another perfect Versace collection. Can Fall 2013 please come early now?

Februar 17, 2013


Celine Audrey Sunglasses

I cant believe I finally found these badass sunnies after looking over 6 months (!!!!!!!) for them. I wanted them in black so badly 
but they were sold out like everywhere on this planet (New York, Paris, Milan). I even asked at the Celine store if they could order
 them for me but no.... There was not even a sign of hope to find these sunglasses anywhere. Until I went to the Celine store at KaDeWe on saturday...I finally found them there (yes, i've been there before like 1764 times) and never left the KaDeWe this happy. 
 I hope your weekend was as good as mine was xoxo

Februar 04, 2013


via celebuzz

First of all, I love Keeping up with the Kardashians (LOL) and since Kanye appears in some episodes I decided to go through an archive of their outfits in 2012. They really look so fab together and since Kim is with him she dresses very well (Kanye is such a perfect stylist). Cant wait for all the fantastic outfits they will wear in 2013. Their baby will be HOT.