Februar 22, 2014


Foto 2-6

Foto 1-6
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Cheap Monday tank top, Saint Laurent flannel, Monki jeans (DIY), Zara heels, Saint Laurent bag, Celine Audrey 

I stopped looking for a cute pair of width/boyfriend jeans a while ago because it seemed like I will never find a pair that I would like and that would fit my body type. The other day I was randomly walking into Monki because it was freezing cold outside as I was looking through the clothes I found these pants on sale for 6€ (they are actually really great quality) and bought them of course. When I came home I tried them on and they looked kinda nice but suddenly I didn't like it that they had these two shades of blue so I started being mega creative and destroyed them till 5am. It was really hard to make them look like they look now (if you have done that before you know what I'm talking about) but it was really worth. It was so much fun that I did more jeans in the past days hehe. If you don't know what to do on a saturday night; grab your old jeans and make them look cooler! happy saturday xxx


  1. das outfit harmoniert nicht zusammen finde ich...passt alles nicht wirklich zusammen (:

  2. Siehst gut aus Schnecke