Guide on Teeth Whitening Kits

Guide on Teeth Whitening Kits

Before going for a teeth whitening adventure, gain an understanding of your teeth structure and how stains can accumulate on its surface. The tooth outer layer known as the enamel is the hardest part of the body. This does not make it impervious to discoloration and staining. The highest concentration of minerals in the teeth rests in the enamel. This mainly comprises of calcium phosphate which is quite hard. The underlying part is the dentine layer which can easily become stained due to microtubes. The stains easily penetrate the tooth surface resulting in teeth discoloration. The dentine part of the teeth is responsible for the yellowing of teeth, which is visible to onlookers. A thin enamel can be easily stained by drinks, foods among other lifestyle choices.

Types of stains

Teeth staining can be narrowed mainly to two; intrinsic and extrinsic. Stains on the teeth surface are made up of plaque deposits which can easily get discolored. Alternatively, they might comprise food and drink stains from coffee, red wine, smoking, and tomato-based foods. All these stains the teeth. Charcoal whitening kits mainly consist of treated powder brushed onto your teeth. Charcoal comprises of carbon, the same byproduct of burning wood. This provides the rough, semi-abrasive texture that can be applied to a toothbrush and rubbed onto your teeth.

How teeth whitening kits work

Whitening products with carbamide peroxide gel are the best compounds for use at home. This is due to the gel reaction with surface and internal stains. When placed in the mouth carbamide peroxide functions through the oxidation process. It reacts on the surface stains breaking them down bleaching the teeth to white improving the general appearance. When we contrast the peroxide whiteners with traditional kits is that the latter does not bleach surface stains. The peroxides can penetrate the teeth enamel whitening the dentine layer. Several things might make you go for modern teeth whitening kits over traditional options.

Teeth whitening cost

In the last five years’ teeth whitening, has become a popular cosmetic procedure. There is a lot of information conveyed to it on social media increasing its popularity among the masses. The prices of teeth whitening vary, so make sure you pick the best deal. When undergoing teeth, whitening picks professional options or opt for home teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is perfect for individuals with disposable income. Special gels help in breaking down the stubborn stains. This might be coffee, red wine, nicotine, and many others. The price lists vary depending on the gel one chooses.


Looking for whitening kits that work and deliver the best results? Take your time to do your due diligence. With the right product, you will get good results. There are many defective products on retail online. Charcoal products can remove plaque stains on your teeth but are unable to whiten the teeth.…